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Experiencing Issues With Your Drain?

Rick Moore Plumbing can fix any drain issues with ease. Whether you're facing issues with your drains, or need periodic sewer cleaning services, our skilled professionals can unclog those drains in no time.

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The average homeowner probably knows that sewer lines help transport waste water from the home to underground sewer mains. Beyond that, most homeowners give little thought to their sewer lines until they have some type of clog.


A sewer line clog could cause raw sewage to backup and therefore come out of the drains, which could lead to significant damage to your home and an expensive sewer line repair or replacement.


Homeowners who understand and respond to their home’s early warning system can ward off severe sewer and plumbing issues. Here are some things you should pay attention to:

Clogged drain, toilet or tree roots.


The most common red flags is water backing up out of a drain or the toilet, or a gurgling sound coming from the drains or if you notice that when you’re done with the washing machine, and the toilets start gurgling – that’s one of the first telltale signs. Clogs can occur in the main sewer line or one of the secondary lines. Your house is basically set up like a tree. You have one main trunk line that runs out of the house and then you have all these small branches off of that. If the clog is in the main line, that means any water you run in the house will cause problems. If it’s a secondary line, it’s just going to be isolated to that specific location.


Tree roots are the primary cause of a clogged sewer line, especially in an older home. In newer homes, common sources of clogging include feminine hygiene products, paper towels and even certain types of thicker toilet paper. Gurgling noises from your toilet bowls can also indicate that your sewer system is being affected by tree roots. If you don't take some action to remove the roots, a complete sewer line block will occur. Sewer line cleaning means we typically run a cable, also known as a drain snake or auger, through the clog to clear it. A simple cleaning or cleanout typically costs less than $150.  If we can’t find the problem, we will recommend a camera inspection.


But rest assured that the technicians at Rick Moore Plumbing will do everything we can to make sure your drains are flowing properly.