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When you're looking for repiping specialists, you should get in touch with the professionals at Rick Moore Plumbing.  We do everything from bathroom pipes to repiping your entire home. Speak to our skilled plumbers today! Call 863-688-1226

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In addition to our professional repiping services in

Lakeland, FL, our skilled plumbers also specialize in installation of water heaters, drain cleaning, and more.


Contact us today at 863-688-1226 for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs. We also provide top-notch kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Repiping and other plumbing services

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You get a 90-day labor WARRANTY, and 1-year warranty on repipes and remodels in Lakeland, FL

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Plumbing systems don’t typically fail overnight. Rather, failure is often a long, gradual process of corrosion creating pinhole leaks and scale forming inside and around copper pipes that run throughout the home. Copper and other metals naturally scale and deteriorate with age, decreasing the diameter of the pipe and restricting water flow until only a trickle of water is able to pass through. Since there is no way to effectively remove buildup or reverse the scaling process with metallic piping systems, homeowners with scaled pipes are eventually forced to repipe the entire system.


The good news for homeowners is that there is a plumbing pipe material on the market that is totally immune to the effects of both scaling and corrosion. FlowGuard Gold plumbing systems, made of high performance chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), have more than 40 years of proven experience in potable water applications. In all that time, the product has not experienced a single incident involving corrosion, scaling or leaching. Both water quality and water flow remain consistent throughout the entire life of the system.


We guarantee that all materials used are as specified and up to current code requirements.  And we guarantee to protect the condition of your home.  Also feel confident in knowing that we guarantee our workmanship for an entire year.


Our repipes include the replacement of the potable hot and cold water lines which serve each individual fixture and hose faucets which are all part of the foundation plumbing installed by the original plumbing contractor.  We minimize any wall cutting to avoid costly wall, wallpaper and/or painting repairs unless the homeowner would prefer us to open up walls to secure the line at each fixture.


Still have questions?  Call us today  at 863-688-1226 for your free quote.  The professionals at Rick Moore Plumbing will be happy to answer all of your questions.